Proudly serving the people of Sydney since 2013, AAA City Movers is your one stop solution for all of your packing and moving related issues. Now, moving no longer need to burn a hole in your pockets or keep you up at night with stress. AA City Movers is a family started, owned and operated company that prides itself in being one of the best in all of Sydney.

Finding a budget friendly and economical mover can be a difficult task, we understand. Where most people face trouble is the amount that most companies charge and the few companies that have hidden charges that are later added on even after the customer is given a quote. But when it comes to money and specialized service, you can trust us when we say that nobody beats AAA City Movers.

It is always a good idea, as an individual to do your research on a few available moving and packing companies before you hire one. Usually almost all companies have lucrative rates and give their customers a very incredible quote, but the later add ons tend to be incredibly massive, and as a result of this, the customer has to end up paying almost the double, not to mention the tiny costs that go in here and there to repair the damage that some of their possessions sustain while being transported to the destined location.


What are you waiting for? The next time that you move or shift houses, don’t go through the traditional hassle. Instead give AAA City Movers a call, kick up your feet and enjoy shifting houses minus the stress.

AAA City Movers is a family based company based in Sydney, which has been built brick by brick from shear hard work and absolute dedication. From deliveries, repacking, removals to packing, we have done it all and we can do it all, which is why we are absolutely confident when we say that we have some serious experience under our belts


But with AAA City Movers you can sure of your solid savings. We offer special rates as well as incredible discounts to our customers, and if you are lucky, you may even get to apply some of our promotional codes to get further discounts. In fact, we are absolutely confident when we say that we offer the most competitive rates in all of Sydney.

We always suggest that our customers consider the distance and their budget when they are planning a move. Of course, this budget must be a little flexible, but having prepared budget helps us work faster and more efficiently as our experts will tell you exactly what kind of services you will need for the journey. However, we also understand that for some of our customers, this may be a first-time experience which may leave them a little baffled. That is why we always have a customer support system that is open 24×7 and all of our experts are here to help you out with the smallest of problems. If you are not sure what sort of truck to hire or what kind of services you require, our experts will come over, inspect all of your possessions and give you their opinions.

You don’t even have to worry about the packing, the heavy lifting, the travelling or even the unpacking. As a comprehensive company, we make sure that all of these little things are already included in our moving services, and our budget friendly ways also give our customers and clients the opportunity to customize some of the services according to their convenience.


Our specialists work around the clock to bring you the cheapest services in all of Sydney with no compromises in quality. Whether you need commercial, residential or even long distance moving services across borders, we have licensed and insured movers that are here for you throughout the year. We also make use of ten different types of trucks, based on the needs and specifications of our customers, and each of our trucks are insured, come with special equipment that are state of the art in order to make sure that all of your belongings arrive safe on time with not even a scratch.

We make sure to meet all of the important criteria of our customers and what makes a good packing moving company – we are always, and we mean ALWAYS punctual with our timings, arrivals and departures, we offer exclusively competitive prices for every single one of our services, and lastly, we value customer satisfaction over everything else.

Come and give our services a try to see for yourself why AAA City Movers is called one of the best packing and moving companies in all of Sydney!