Looking for a Man with a Van Service near you that is ready and up to get you moving in no time? If you said yes, then AAA City Movers is just the right one for you! Whether you are moving your small little world across parts of Sydney or simply shifting some leftover things from your old home, we will provide you with the best kind of service and the most trusted and hardworking team that will work around the clock to make sure that you have what you need.


What are you waiting for? The next time that you move or shift houses, don’t go through the traditional hassle. Instead give AAA City Movers a call, kick up your feet and enjoy shifting houses minus the stress.

AAA City Movers is a family based company based in Sydney, which has been built brick by brick from shear hard work and absolute dedication. From deliveries, repacking, removals to packing, we have done it all and we can do it all, which is why we are absolutely confident when we say that we have some serious experience under our belts


What makes AAA City Movers versatile is the fact that we are equipped with the manpower as well as the equipment to handle any kind of move, be it small or large. However, ideally the Man with the Van Service is meant for a rather small kind of move wherein all of your belongings can be quickly packed in a matter of hours and we can have you transported in no time at all!
But you get to choose what kind of service and what part of the service you use. When specified, we will provide you with the packing material as well as opinions from our experts on how to get the best of our services.

Are you a student who is unable to afford expensive moving services, but still need them in order to remove your small set of possessions? Then the Man with the Van Services is perfect for you. Consisting of just one simple van that is carefully equipped to make sure that none of your belongings are harmed, our Man with the Van Service consists of two people who are ready to pack, load and move everything all across Sydney based on your convenience.

From packing furniture to moving items that are small and fragile, we guarantee you that you need not worry about all if the small details and nitty gritty aspects of the move because our team of experts is the best at what it does, and is known for maintaining high standards of service. Our packing material also happens to be on the more expensive side because we believe that our clients deserve the best, and also because we do not want to make any sort of compromises when it comes to the quality and safety of their possessions. They have put their faith in us and we aim to preserve it.

But we also understand that it is very difficult to invite unknown people into your house, especially if you are not very sure of their backgrounds, which is what happens usually with most individuals when they hire a moving company. However, here at AAA City Movers, we take the security and privacy of our customers very seriously, which is why we always make sure that all of our employees, especially the ones who are coming over to your house, have been thoroughly vetted about their professional background. We can assure you that every single one of them comes with stellar recommendations, and also happen to be very versatile and hardworking.

Thorough recommendations, positive feedback and good word of mouth are essential for a thriving business like ours, which is why it is always our aim to give all of our customers the very best service so that we can always receive raving reviews.

Our service managers and customer care team is always on call, and we mean 24 hours a day, throughout the year, come rain or hail; which is why we suggest that no matter what concerns you have, however small you may deem them to be, you get in touch with our support staff. They will be more than happy to assist you in any way that they can.

We are also an environmentally conscious business venture and try to minimize our carbon footprint and the damage that is done to the environment with every move that we make, so that our customers need not worry about that little detail.

Pick your phone up today and get a quote for the Man with a Van service from AAA City Movers today and let us work magic on your home in a matter of minutes!